Stone's virtues

Apart from their aesthetic aspect, bracelets have certain virtues thanks to the stones that compose them.

Hematite: This fairly common stone on earth has many properties It is recognized in particular for its ability to help with fatigue, self-esteem, memory and to restore energy. They are silver and shiny.

Onyx: It is the stone of rooting in the earth and balance. Often black in color it is also credited with virtues of protection and awakening of the senses. These are undoubtedly very useful qualities in today's world. They are usually black and shiny.

Volcanic stone : Ideal for use with essential oils, the bracelets that are made of these stones will help to strengthen the intellect, clear up thoughts, and repel bad energies. In addition, it is known to help with sexual potency and virility. Black, with a mat texture and small holes characteristic of these stones. We love its raw look!

Whether you believe in the virtues of semi-precious stones or not, Mâlitude men's bracelets will make you stand out in style.


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